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Post  Gazza on Sat Dec 12, 2009 1:09 pm

Hi Im Gazza

Well been doing models since I was a teenager and now at 50 i'm still doing them LOL

My love for car racing is still with me after all these years it has to be on road for me as the buzz is what keeps me going

My Knowledge is wide and vast and my memory is Brill.
My humor is way out there I can Laughh at all sorts of things where most people cant see it so sorry about that

I started this Forum as like so many out there you cant do this you cant do that SO why have a forum then ?
If I cant speak my mind its a shit forum you can speak your mind here in fact I encourage it

so go out there and have fun

Oh yea if you need any other class's of cars post in ask the team and my Brother will get on it

Thanks and welcome


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