OK here I am take cover everyone!!!

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OK here I am take cover everyone!!! Empty OK here I am take cover everyone!!!

Post  m500dpp on Tue Feb 09, 2010 6:38 am

Yes despite my name of M500dpp, I am actually the infamous AEDave proud owner of a number of infractions on the "other" forum for such audatious acts as posting a useful link, or hells teeth, a photo!!! Great to find a forum that isnt so restrictive.........some may remember my infamous "escs in stockcars" thread, all I will say is escs are now allowed!!! I do think the "other" forum might be successful if it wasnt so heavily moderated..........

Anyway, I have been around RC cars since the days of the Mardave Lola T290, and every other form of RC modelling, scale and fast electric boats, aircraft etc, you name it I've probably done it!!! most successful was ic stockcars, 3 times club champ and southern pairs champ.

Now still into v12s and looking forward to try 1s/13.5 brushless, as i like experimenting. also have touring cars and an ax10, and tamiya Fiat 500 (painted white to match the wife's which is on order).

In the full size world I have rebuilt classic minis, learnt to weld, rebuilt engines, gearboxes etc, and am now into MX5s, having an m reg mk1 (the wifes) and a mk2 T reg one.

Anyway, looking forward to some fun and banter on here.....lets see how we go!!!


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