Mardave and a 1S LiPo

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Mardave and a 1S LiPo

Post  Gazza on Sat Dec 05, 2009 7:39 am

Hi All
Im Gary. . . the chap with the 1s LiPo running a 13.5 Brushless

But I will first give you a run down of my Model car history . . .

I started racing model cars way back in the 70's which was a 1/8th Mardave
I.C car with a Veco engine but cut it short I could not get on with it .

so went back to the Model shop ( Modelcraft in blaby if you can remember it )
and did a swop and got the then mardave 1/12th and then raced all over
England in the then new 1/12th scale electric's we raced on wooden floors
with tyres coated in Silicone to give us the grip we needed and this was also
an art to get right otherwise you came no where . . . .

Then there was the NiCads and the cells to have in them days were
SAFT 120% again if you did not have them you came no where.

Then the Motors again there were a few you could use some better
than others all silver can types the one I used was a so called a Parma
renualt I think blue in colour and wires out the back and tamper proof.

Then the cost went up on the motors and NiCads so I quit electric
after about 10 or 15yrs then went back to I.C cars and the PB with an
OPS engine and the engine's were so much better than the old Vecos
in them days I was then into I.C cars big time untill 2 yrs ago I was
involved in a Real bad car crash ( rear ended by a 17yr old male) I was
stationary and he hit me at about 65 to 70MPH . .

So this ended my IC racing and I moved back to electrics only
because of Marshling I cant move to quick and the 30 minute finals I
cant stand that long 5 mins is all about I can take now So Back to my
old favorite the Mardave. . .

It had changed quite a lot from when I last used one and now only
4 cells and the G2 Motor Now after a lot of testing and running this little
car It still gives me a buzz and for the life of me I cant get the power out
of this motor like some of the others and no matter what I done / did I could
never win a Mardave club meeting at top level
There was then talk about Mardave bringing out a Brushless system
YES about time some thing that would put us all on a level playing field
But alas I could not get this to work as well as the others so I abandond
it and went bacjk to the G2
Then early on in this year the rumors started re the 1s LiPo well this got
me well intrested as I thought a 1s and a 13.5 would be about the same as the G2

Now this 13.5 brushless will only work with the 1s LiPo combination. . . .
dont go trying to run it with a 4 cell or even thinking about a 17.5 and 4 cell
they are NO WHERE NEAR the same as a G2 powered Mardave and 4 cells

I wanted to run a 1s LiPo in a Mardave with a Brushless system that WOULD
be the same as a G2 motor . I tried a few combinations and they all failed like
Way to fast to slow motors burning out speedos cutting out etc so I have done
all the hard work for you all and the 13.5 with a 1S LiPo with the Smart boost is
all that is needed

Below the Smart boost on top of my servo with a 5p peice

Well before you all ask why am I doing it well its simple . . . . .

Most clubs used to have around 3 or even 4 heats of Mardave's and as
the top blokes got better the new comers stood no chance of catching
them and it was the same people in the finals week after week even I could
not catch a good G2 car with top cells
( oh look we are back to cells and motors again like we did in the 80's )

This Now brings the Mardave back into the 21st Centuary but you only
need 1 battery and no more water dipping and running comm drops etc
The cost is Less than a 4 cell racing EG
normal days racing say 3 rounds and 2 finals

1. 5 packs of Cells at a cost of £40 a pack ( £200 for 5 packs 4600mAh)
Thats just your cells now dont forget you will need a few spare motors a
discharge tray etc etc so lets say another £100 so thats a total of £300
I have not included the motor cleaner . . the cotton buds and numerous other things
Now the 13.5 1s set up

2. 1s LiPo £56
3 1 smart boost £25
4 Motor combo 13.5 with speed control £95 total for the items 2 / 3 & 4 is £176
Now if you are just starting out with a Mardave dont worry . . .
Get a standard set up and say 2 packs of cheap cells to start off with If by
the end of a Month you like it go the 1S Lipo route you wont regret it and this
in My Honest Opinion (MHO) will bring back Mardave racing BIG TIME

So today we raced at Hinckley and I took POLE in the Group of the 2 heats
on 21 laps with Mark on 21 laps
( Mark is one of the top men to beat with a G2. I have no idea why he is SO FASST but he is and down the straight we were level pegging poss mine a nats faster )
So in the first final I was to hold back and wait for Mark to see what
would happen but the 2nd Bend there was a crash and as I waited for him
I lost the lead to Nick
Then on the Last final I noticed that Nick and Becky
( yes young Becky Wilson was oh so fast with a G2 ) that I decided to now
PUSH MY 13.5 1s LiPo to full stretch

( note I also have added 25Grams to bring the weight up to 1002Kg )

Well some 2 Minutes into the race Becky and My self swoped first place
about 3 or 4 times and I must admit beckys G2 powered Mardave did have
a little more speed than mine down the straight and it goes to prove that
we are evenly matched but a good G2 still has the edge on power BUT. . . . .
Next week the motor may die off and my 13.5 will still be the same in a few
months time and thats what I'm after Consistancey

no more running in motor brush's and water dipping cleaning the comm and
doing the charge discharge with your cells oh yea my 4900Mah pack

took 16 minutes to charge and I only used about 1400mah in a 5 minute race
the motor and speedo were warm NOT HOT and the battery stone cold
So want some fun with a Mardave again. . .. you have yours in the loft . . ..
so tell the Mrs and you Kids tell ya parents what you want for Christmas
yep a Scalextric set

Edit results Look at leg 2 close finish or what

Till next time have fun
Gary Crisp aka Gazza

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Re: Mardave and a 1S LiPo

Post  Guest on Sat Dec 05, 2009 7:58 am

Hi Gazza

I see CML are selling a single cell lipo, detail as below

Advancements in LiPo battery technology have led to many changes in the electric racing community. A switch to 1S 3.7V LiPo in 1:12 and World GT cars has increased participation and excitement, while LiPo technology by itself has made 1:8 electric racing possible. Reedy, an innovator in competition battery performance and technology, is proud to introduce two new batteries specifically for these racing classes.

Reedy's all-new 40C 1S 3.7V LiPo features a stepped case that allows bodies to be mounted properly without interfering with the battery. The use of convenient 3.5mm sockets works with the stepped case design to create additional room. Plus, their smaller size reduces weight while their male counterparts more closely match the commonly used 14 and 16 gauge ESC wires. A capacity of 4600 mAh at 40C means long run times and high power for all racing classes. Handy locating tabs allow the battery to fit neatly into existing battery slots and are easily removable (without compromising case strength) for flat chassis applications.

Speck Check:

  • Length: 93mm
  • Width: 47mm
  • Height: 18.2mm
  • Discharge: 184A cont., 230A burst
  • Weight: 140g
  • Connector: 3.5mm socket

Looks good, but I'm not sure about the 3.5mm socket, I though our standard was 4mm
Part #DescriptionPrice (RRP)
AS7194600mAh 3.7V 40C LiPo Battery£49.99

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Re: Mardave and a 1S LiPo

Post  Guest on Sat Dec 05, 2009 8:02 am


Me thinking of racing with this arrangement next year, do you think we will be able to race in the standard class



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Re: Mardave and a 1S LiPo

Post  Gazza on Sat Dec 05, 2009 8:08 am

You mean for the Mardave class Rich

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Re: Mardave and a 1S LiPo

Post  Guest on Sat Dec 05, 2009 8:13 am

Yes m8 the Mardave standard class, speed looks comparible


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Re: Mardave and a 1S LiPo

Post  Gazza on Sat Dec 05, 2009 8:16 am

Yea thats what Im trying to go for heck even Dean was into it

My red and white car is the 1s LiPo


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Post  Gazza on Thu Dec 10, 2009 3:09 am

IT was wednesday night . . .
And the meeting started late we had 3 heats and Just enough time to charge car and clean it LOL
We did not have enough time to do any thing I even had my Camerea so

Right there seems to be a bit of confusion re the 1s LiPo racing with the 4 cell . .
So I will try and clear it up for you all
The 1s LiPo booster pack powers the Reciver pack to 6 volt only you will ONLY GET 3.97 volts to the brushless motor NOT 6 volts as some people seem to think

Above the 4 cell Pack and its voltage and below the 1s LiPo with its voltage big differance

And thats why the 13.5 is that little bit slower when running a 1s LiPo than the G2 it has less volts so will run cooler and slower if it was to be powered by NiMh cells .
The start of the year we ran the 13.5 brushless to keep up with the Mardave Brushless System and stood no chance but it was a lot faster than the G2 and you could win that race possable by 3 laps every time
But with a 1s LiPo it runs slower and that now keeps it in the same ball park as the G2 Motor hope that clears it up any questions feel free to ask Me SOME ONE who actually races a 1s LiPO not some one who thinks they know how they work

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Re: Mardave and a 1S LiPo

Post  Gazza on Sun Dec 13, 2009 10:26 am

I see the Hinck forum are discussing the Brushless again Hinck forum <<<click to view
Ok here goes my research is endless but for example

13.5 motor runs at say ( my lrp ) 22.320 rpm on 6 cell or 2s LiPo and 5volt this is NiMh or now put a 1s Lipo on it and it runs at 14,020 ( note this figure )

G2 motor runs at 14,000 rpm on 5 volt Now put a 1sLiPo on it and you can walk faster
I.E it dont work thats because the motor spec is

They used to be sold as 6 to 12v motors

Technical Data

Normal voltage (volts) 6 to 12 and now a 1s lipo means walking pace
Normal torque (g-CM ) 200
speed at normal load and voltage 14000 <<<<<<<<<<
Amps 6.5

The other silver cans G2 motors are basically all the same no matter what you go for there is no differance you will still be in the same boat so to speak i.e crap motors you will not / can not get away from . . . there BRUSHED MOTORS

the LRP combo I had was £95 so if you say top limit is £120 on a combo that will do it dont forget V.A.T is back to 17.5% Jan 1st
and as per my weeks of testing and knowledge all the post up there are WRONG Any way remember this time and date 12 /12/09 and that Gaz said been there / done that and got the T shirt LOL best way to describe it as like in real F1 we have the cars with KERS and cars with out KERS and still run in the same championship not two differant ones

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Top range ESC makes the Mardave Spec

Post  Gazza on Fri Dec 18, 2009 4:37 am

. . Well it sounded good on the Hinckley Forum re the 1s LiPo. . .
but the ESC left open . .. But YOU must have a forward and reverse ESC . . . this is to stop the biger pockets syndrome and the RIP OFF ESC makers and a top speedo getting in BUT. . . .
Then Daz found this

9 user programmable modes for different track conditions and battery types.

• On/Off switch function with controller button
• Automatic brake, minimum brake, maximum brake, full brake, ABS functio
Maximum reverse speed
• Automatic throttle
• Soft start, soft brake
Timing (brushless only)
• Speed limited (brushless only)
• Current limiter, start-up current limiter, Turbo
• Power curve (soft, linear, hard)
• Set up for temp cut-off, sensormode, Brake modes, motor type
• Frequency
• Configuration for data transfer, transmitter mode programming, beeps
• Radio adjustments, full throttle point, zero point, full brake point, zero point width
• Low voltage power down

Online Price:
£229.99 APEX MODELS . . click

Just found a set up manual reverse works as follows

Slam on brakes and wait for car to stop . . . and another second hmmm
then move stick to Neutral and then pull back
( sounds like the XRS )
any way have a look Manual PDF page (4) Page (28). . . <<<< click

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Re: Mardave and a 1S LiPo

Post  Wacker1 on Sat Dec 19, 2009 12:17 am

Hi Gazza,

I'm finally on here!

I should'nt read too much into that GM Genius Speed Control, as I really dont think that it'll make a Performance Advantage with a 1s 3.7v Lipo Pack!

It would be abit crazy for someone to fork out £220 for a GM Speedo, that there planning to Install in their Mardave

The GM should be used for what there specifically Designed for.i.e. Touring Cars!

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Re: Mardave and a 1S LiPo

Post  Gazza on Sat Dec 19, 2009 3:59 am

Hi Dean
and Welcome

Yea just reading the reverse Spec . . .

When stoped wait for a Second then go to neutral then reverse to long a time that better stick with the TC class like you said


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Re: Mardave and a 1S LiPo

Post  AEDave on Wed Feb 03, 2010 12:08 am

Interesting stuff, I am inclined to favour 13.5T brushless/1s lipo, but removing the weight limit to give the Lipo's 3.7 volts a slightly better chance against the Nimhs.

Will be investing in such a combo as soon as I can run to it and see if Hot racers will let me run it on a trial basis Sat night (they have an open brushless class on Sunday)

Have to say I have bought some lipos and a brushless combo recently, cant see me going back to the old technology......


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Re: Mardave and a 1S LiPo

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