Gazza Builds a " Gazza Mega Dave "

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Gazza Builds a " Gazza Mega Dave "

Post  Gazza on Mon Jun 21, 2010 8:34 am

Well I got up this Morning ready to go to Ardent with the F1 . . . but alas my back is playing up so looks like that's me laid up for a day or two. Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad

So with the boredom setting in I staggered to me work shop to think about something to keep me busy . .
Well after some thought and looking a round at me F1 and the carbon effect it does look good hmmm Very Happy Idea

Yep time to start on the Mega Dave . . . What's one of them you all ask . . Well its a supped up Mardave but to my Spec. So this is going to be called a

" Gazza Mega Dave "

Why call it that. . . Well its got a FLAT chassis at the back instead of the kick up along with the cobra battery holders and a New 1/12th Hitec servo with metal gears and ball raced out put hmmm and to top it off
the CARBON FIBRE EFFECT as per my F1 . . Wow sounds great OK on with the Build

First of we need a blank chassis plate to start so here goes

One blank chassis ready to be drilled to MY SPEC

Next a standard Mardave Chassis but with the Kick down flattened

Black tape covers the holes that I don't want as my spec will be different

I did this a few weeks ago at my local Garage as he has a pressing machine for doing bearings and a quick press and hey presto one flattened Chassis. . . Well time now to make a go of it

Well here is My MEGA DAVE with the holes ready for the rear pod and front end as per the standard chassis

And all I need to do now is set about where the other bits will go so after a placement of the radio gear etc I marked up the chassis and set about drilling the holes and countersinking them

Well with that all done it only needs to be covered in the Carbon and then build it up

Well its starting to look 100% better all ready

Good or what
OK so lets add the rest and see what she looks like. . .

So there you go one " Gazza Mega Dave " ready for the track

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