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Saturday at Hinckley Empty Saturday at Hinckley

Post  Gazza on Sun Dec 06, 2009 12:24 pm

Well it’s Saturday and back to Hinckley. . .

Now if you read my article re Wednesday night racing at MERCC you will re call I had problems with the front end and we decided it was the toe in.
So after a full front end rebuild I wanted to now try out the Dave again . . . .

Well same as Wednesday night . . . the first round was no grip at all I think I / we did 17 laps instead of the normal 19 / 20. .

Any way talking to some of the lads and they said to take off the damper on the pod
( This is the little bit of plastic in the middle of the two springs with a Rubber grommet in )

Result of round 2 was rear end bouncing all over the place so scrub heat 2

With the damper plastic back in it was time for round 3. . .

A quick blast warm up and . . . Ahh bliss back to normal racing and the car was handling superb again now I can recall what happened. .. but by the first corner I was down to 6th place from 2nd after a shunt . . . Why do people keep hitting me on the first bend you cant go round a 90 degree corner flat out. . . you brake then power instead of using my car for your brake come on guys its not rocket science its common sense
Any way I was down the pack and started to come back and lapped a couple of back markers and now chasing Nick and Mark the two fastest G2 4 cell cars here today
I was up to the rear of Nick who was now in 2nd place and as we came up to another Back marker Nick had a come to with him and lost a front wheel so that put Nick out. . I then moved up to now 2nd place and the chase was on for Mark. . Who was about half a lap in front . . .

So this is a 30yr old running a real FAST G2 4 cell and me a 50yr old with a 13.5 and 1s LiPo. So it was Head down and time to pull out all me experience to catch him and we do this by . . .

Read on folks. . .
Right round the top bend and we are onto the straight all I can do here is keep my car in the middle and let go of steering and see if she runs true ok here we go . . . thumb off stick. . . .
yep its running straight right go right a bit line her up for the first corner feed in a bit yep we round that one ok just hitting the bot-dot and we are through the chicane over the loop and round the next right hander over to the right come in to the right a bit full lock left . . . yep made it round the next left hander opps a little wide a quick flick left right ohh close to the track marker don’t panic its lined up for the next left hander and wow so smooth full power hit the brake a little and it pulls me round ready for the next flowing power on right hander . ..
Phew made it woops a back marker hell where did he come from OK don’t panic stick on him and see if he over shoots the bend . . . . .

No he got that one. . . OK so still on his tail ready for the quick left right onto the straight YES he’s gone wide power on and take the inside clip the bot-dot. . .
boy that was close OK back on to the main straight right I can see Mark half way down the straight and go right a bit line her up for the first corner feed in a bit yep we round that one and Mark is only feet in front on me I can do this I know I can I just want about another 2 laps and I will have him . . .

So through the infield we go another foot off his lead as he goes a little wide I have a bit more power in the infield so I can do wonders here onto the sweeper and I think his 4 cell is losing power as I ‘m closing in fast and Mark knows it we both make it onto the main straight and I’m now right on his back side lets just see how he takes the corner so I know ready for next time NOOOOO. . . .
The sounder goes and we both cross the loop. .

bummer another lap and I would have had him so mark has a 20 lapper and me on 19 something only a few 100ths of a second in it wow that sure was fun this then placed me 2nd on the grid for the finals well its 1:12 pm so you will have to wait till later on when I come back and see what happens in the final . . .
I will say 1 good Leg and 1 bad bummer but I think I have a cure for the people who like rear ending me LOL

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Saturday at Hinckley Empty Re: Saturday at Hinckley

Post  Gazza on Mon Dec 07, 2009 4:07 am

Saturday Part 2

I forgot all about My camerea and taking pictures as we were talking about Cars and in particular the F1 from 3Racing
Any way Eric from Concept Racing was saying that I staerted some thing as When I had mine Wednesday night and the Lads saw it . . . Well he has now ordered and sold another 5 and blamrd me for it LOL Saturday at Hinckley Icon_lol
Any way here is a quick 1 minute of racing from Saturday . . Promise i will take some pics next time honest. .