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Mercc on Wednesday Empty Mercc on Wednesday

Post  Gazza on Sun Dec 13, 2009 9:39 am

Right its Wednesday Night so that means only one thing to me . . . . . . .
*********** RACE NIGHT ***********
Why do I sound so happy. . . . ha ha read on folks Mercc on Wednesday Icon_cheers

Well after arriving a little late I was surprised just to see just Matt there ( The Race Director ) so I knew that tonight was not going to be a packed night
Still not to worry as I wanted to try out a few things with my Dave
( us die hard fans now call the Mardave. . . “ DAVE “ and way before the TV one LOL )
Any way I go to get set up and have a chat with the Lads re my Car and the 1s LiPo set up and they are all well into it with hopes that they will allow it at every venue as I have mentioned before most of us die hard fans really have had enough of the old way of racing which is BRUSHED MOTORS and NiCad’s / Nimh its time to move on like the touring car class has done so now it’s the Little Dave’s turn
Don’t get me wrong folks if you are just getting into this hobby the G2 motor and a few packs of cells is still the way to start. . . but for us die hard racers it’s well past the sell by date I have also just read in RRC the one Dez has done with a 1s lipo a bit differant to mine as I'm running the 13.5 and LRP setup. . .
Any way after booking in and hading over our hard earned Cash the race heats are posted and we have 3 heats 1 of Dave’s 1 of Buggies and 1 of 1/12th
So as we are first out its laughs all around on the rostrum with absolutely NO grip what so ever it was just like an ice ring. With the drivers saying “ who put grease on my tyres “ and “ you put oil on mine “ LOL don’t you just love the Dave drivers always time for a bit of fun even when its not ( does that make sense LOL )
Any way even I struggled to get around so don’t worry if this happens to you its possible just that the carpet has not had time to settle or its a little cold or what ever else that causes it
Any way with only 3 heats this is also where the 1s LiPo comes in to play as after a 5 minute run and only 20 or so minutes between heats the charge time of the LiPo is around 16 minutes and I put in 1197Mah

Mercc on Wednesday Capacity

Right round two
Now this is where I wanted to try out some different front tyres as I had on 44Shore and was a little under steering
( sounds like its time for another article on how to set up a Dave me thinks )
so I swooped to some 42 fronts now this was a little better but seemed to be biting on some corners and not others well this also made for an interesting race I can tell you
Any way not to worry as I just put it down to the Cold and the carpet
Right round 3 the last one and by now My back is bloody killing me so I stepped down on this but as most of the Saturday Hinckley crew turned up for a chat and a drink John Seals aka JB ( Why do they call him JB ) said with a grin. . Gis a go so I thought yea why not here ya go have fun

My car is the Red and white one

Then I bit more this is first time with new camerea so Focus is a bit bad but you cant see any noticable differance in car speed well possable a bit . . .

When he came of he was happy with the little car but not ” YEA “type of thing hmm wonder why any way battery back on charge and my tablets had kicked in and finals time
Qualified 2nd on the grid with Gordon Harrington on pole and when we shot off the grip was by this time well up and my front end was all over the place in the tight bends some times to much bite and other times not. . . yuk I hate it when this happens any way after an 8 minute final yes 8 minutes Gordon asked for a go and drove it round for a while and said the same as me so body off and we looked at the little Dave and came to the conclusion that possible to much toe in was on it ( again sounds like its time for another article on how to set up a Dave me thinks ) this was done by me as some times the wheel on the axle goes loose and you get toe out so to compensate I but a bit of toe in on her
Any way will have another go Saturday and find out
Also this then done about another 5 minutes so this car ran 13 minutes in total on one charge not bad hey
Ohh yes why do I sound so happy well The Mrs for Christmas said what do I want LOL silly question so I picked up this little machine
Mercc on Wednesday F1gaz
Till next time have fun Gazza

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Mercc on Wednesday Empty Re: Mercc on Wednesday

Post  Gazza on Sat Jan 09, 2010 7:15 am

Well as you can see due to Christmas and bad weather Not raced for a bit Mercc on Wednesday Icon_sad

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