9th Jan at Hinckley

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9th Jan at Hinckley Empty 9th Jan at Hinckley

Post  Gazza on Mon Jan 11, 2010 9:02 am

Well what a turn out of F1 cars at Hinckley. . . [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

we had 8 cars so A heat all to ourselfs I was playing around with the rear Springs as the Last time I Ran it it was at Tamworth and the car was Lifting the inside front wheel at every corner so I was not a happy teddy [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

So time to do a bit of testing and after round 1 the results were

PosCarNameMember TypeResultAveBest
12Craig NuttingNon-Member20 / 303.5715.1713.61
25Dave RichardsNon-Member20 / 308.2715.4114.54
37Jamie CheshireSenior20 / 309.4215.4714.23
43Gordon HarringtonNon-Member20 / 314.9215.7413.47
58Gary CrispNon-Member19 / 306.2716.1114.18
64Matt ChambersNon-Member19 / 308.4716.2314.72
76Eric WilcockNon-Member17 / 301.9817.7615.17
81Ben BridgewaterNon-Member14 / 313.7022.4014.17
The rear springs did stop the lifting of the inside wheel but I think they are a little to hard as I have very little pod movment and the steering is a little to sensitive as coming down the straight just trying to correct it and I went from one side to the other side of the track hitting the barriers LOL

So 2nd round and not to much to write about really as I had nothing to swop / change try out untill I get some rear springs

So round 2

PosCarNameMember TypeResultAveBest
12Craig NuttingNon-Member22 / 304.5113.8413.11
23Gordon HarringtonNon-Member21 / 303.7614.4613.44
35Dave RichardsNon-Member21 / 304.4714.4913.80
48Gary CrispNon-Member21 / 313.2714.9113.84
56Eric WilcockNon-Member20 / 308.7215.4313.90
64Matt ChambersNon-Member20 / 311.9915.5913.90
77Jamie CheshireSenior20 / 312.4915.6213.32
81Ben BridgewaterNon-Member0 /

A little bit of improvment but only down to the fact the grip was getting better LOL

Round 3

PosCarNameMember TypeResultAveBest
11Ben BridgewaterNon-Member22 / 300.3913.6512.90
23Gordon HarringtonNon-Member22 / 313.8514.2613.14
34Matt ChambersNon-Member21 / 303.2614.4413.54
46Eric WilcockNon-Member21 / 305.6514.5513.58
55Dave RichardsNon-Member21 / 305.7214.5513.73
67Jamie CheshireSenior21 / 307.9914.6613.10
72Craig NuttingNon-Member20 / 301.0215.0512.79
88Gary CrispNon-Member15 / 304.3020.2814.33

Disaster Now I had hardley any steering due to the frong wing spinning around and Jamming up [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

So final time and what should I do well I must admitt you really do need the spring upgrade kit as there is nothing else really to do or adjust except the front wheels Do need trueing down slightley

Some thing else to sort out in me workshop [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

So its Final number 1 and for this I wanted to add a Bit of addative on the front wheel

PosCarNameMember TypeResultAveBest
12Craig NuttingNon-Member23 / 310.4813.4912.83
24Matt ChambersNon-Member21 / 303.9814.4713.27
36Eric WilcockNon-Member21 / 307.3714.6313.54
43Gordon HarringtonNon-Member21 / 309.4614.7313.20
58Gary CrispNon-Member20 / 301.5615.0713.26
=61Ben BridgewaterNon-Member0 /
=65Dave RichardsNon-Member0 /
=67Jamie CheshireSenior0 /

Still fighting the beast and no better than round 2 where I did a 21 [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

2nd final

PosCarNameMember TypeResultAveBest
13Gordon HarringtonNon-Member21 / 301.0514.3313.25
22Craig NuttingNon-Member21 / 304.5414.5012.85
36Eric WilcockNon-Member21 / 308.8314.7013.35
44Matt ChambersNon-Member20 / 303.0815.1513.53
57Jamie CheshireSenior19 / 310.2216.3213.52
65Dave RichardsNon-Member16 / 239.1014.9414.01
78Gary CrispNon-Member1 / 29.2129.2129.21
81Ben BridgewaterNon-Member0 /

Another striped spur gear
and Im out
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

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