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Post  Gazza on Fri May 28, 2010 6:51 am

So we all have these new Lipo Cells with no fly leads and the Corally type of plugs that push into them . . .

Well I love the Deans plugs as you cant get them the wrong way round . . . . . Laughing

Yea you know whats coming next dont you . . . . Embarassed

Yep I was still trying to find out WHY im missing laps and the Steering servo is twitching 2mm either side of center . .
Well in the case of 1s Lipo drivers out there with a TQ boost its a sign its on the way out so get ready to get a new one I did put a volt meter on it last week and it showed 6V

Any way racing the Dave at Mercc and all of a sudden my car starts to go back and forth ( stick is in forward position ) WTF ( What The Flipin ) Heck is this well we all assumed the censor lead even me

Wrong . . .

Any way back home and its round 2:30AM . . . yea I dont sleep to good and me pills kick in LOL ask Paul Embarassed

Any way here it comes plug the leads in wrong way round into 1s Lipo . . . SMOKE affraid

Laughing Laughing Laughing

told ya these pills were good I just laughed LOL

and the positive lead de solders it self off the ESC . . .
yep de soldered it self hot or what any way I now need a New ESC and Smart boost

Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad

this is not going to happen again so I fitted a DIODE in between the corally plug and the new ESC Lead ( 1n5401 )

What a plonker Aq94c

this 23 pence gismo saves ££££'s

What a plonker Diode%20protect

As in above pic . . . solder the diode into the Corally plug ( make a note the silver bit up ) then fit heat shrink over Lead. . . solder lead to diode I then pull the heat shrink over the lot job done


Any way talking to Marti and we think the diode should work. . .
I ran it around the garden this afternoon and seems OK so will try it out next meeting to see if it can take the current draw ?

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Post  Admin on Tue Jun 29, 2010 10:53 am

Well skip that idea it failed Sad

I have the power ( He Man LOL )

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