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How to set up the V12 part 2

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 How to set up the V12 part 2 Empty How to set up the V12 part 2

Post  Gazza Thu Sep 16, 2010 8:03 am

Ok so your car is now ready for action but we seem to be twitchy in corners and on the straight . . .
well you did set up the toe angle didnt you?
whats toe angle then ?

To adjust toe angle on the front of your car you will need the turnbuckles if you dont have them then you need a pair dont bother with the others as its hard to set up with out

Toe in will generally result in increased stability on the straight, but it will increase drag. 1 to 2 deg

Toe out will improves cornering ability, but can make your vehicle twitchy on the straights 1 to 2 deg

again this only needs to be about 0 to 2 deg max any more and some thing is not right on your car

Also I cannot stress enough on a Good steering servo. . .
No matter how much you set your car up a good servo is the way forward and I mean some thing like the hitec 225mg as seen below in my car its £20 and its the 1 thing that you will be glad of.. . . . Also note the turn buckles

 How to set up the V12 part 2 Mega%20dave2

 How to set up the V12 part 2 Toe%20in%20-%20out

Ok Gear ratios

Right click on the picture and then click PRINT

Mardave 32dp

 How to set up the V12 part 2 Gear%20ratios

and 48dp

 How to set up the V12 part 2 Gear%20ratios%201

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