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First time flyer start here Empty First time flyer start here

Post  Gazza on Thu Jan 27, 2011 5:18 am


I have been flying model planes on and off since I was 16. . . . wow and im 50 now LOL

Please all my jets EDF ( electric ducted fans ) are hard to fly as they can stall at low speeds. . .

Any way if any one is intrested in Model plane's then get this. ..

Any one who can drive a car can just about fly this I kid you not

its called a Condor

First time flyer start here Condor_01

- Large size
- Ideal beginner's choice Aeroplane for those with no previous flight experience
- Long flight time approx 20 minutes
- Comes RTF with assembly and flying guide suitable for the complete beginner
- Easily detachable wings for transport & crash resistance
- High mounted pusher propeller for efficiency and crash protection
- Slow, stable flight with excellent glide
- Manufactured from EPP crash resistant foam
- Spare parts available from any good local model shop

its £90 and I think it comes with RADIO cheers

but go to the web site scroll down and watch the video if you fancy one go for it if you want to fly it and a little scared dont worry . . .

I was when I first started but I will gladly give you some FREE flying lessons Laughing

This now seems obsolete shame . . . Embarassed


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